Thursday, February 28, 2013

Karagwe Tanzania Mission

Karagwe Mission
Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, W are back from our Karagwe Tanzania Mission
It WAS a tremendous trip, though the journey proved a little difficult ,being delayed on the boarder , for the whole night until the next morning when we were released to go , we left the vehicle at the boarder walked a distance till the vehicle was cleared after about 3 hours , driving more 3hours to Karagwe with rough hilly roads but God is good , He saw us through the journey.


This was a place where the gospel was so new to people’s hearts, many were ignorant of the gospel of Jesus Christ, they believed in Traditional gods and witch craft . But when we started ministry we were overwhelmed by the large turn up to Christ over 300 people came to the crusade for the first day, they confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior , they were filled by the holy spirit, many were delivered from demonic powers and  healed from Different diseases, people had in this area had never witnessed this happening , Many were filled by the holy spirit and started speaking in tongues, tumors disappeared as we began the deliverance session. 
Women were crying and worshiping God, many repenting and renewing their lives through Christ Jesus , one deaf woman was healed totally and was able to hear again ,

We give the glory back to the most high God it was a great visitation of the holy spirit in this area , we had a few challenges of lack of enough food supplies for the team of 9 members that we went with ,but were overwhelmed by the natives hospitality , one man offered his house for us to stay in and many brought food to feed us for these 4 days . We give the Glory to God Halleluiah.
W e want to say thank you to everyone that bothered to pray for us , your prayers and support are of great importance to us in ministry God bless you so much .

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