Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 AS I BEGAN TO PREACH ON THE FIRST DAY, the lord spoke to me he was turning the situation around this place, I was given Genesis 8:1 when GOD remembered Noah immediately I Began sharing the word, The anointing come down, several got filled with the holy spirit, The people filled up the church and there was no room for more people those who wanted to come in had no room, so many stood outside peeping from the windows. deliverance session was great one woman was able to hear after 18 years, four children got healed from paralysis, two ladies got healed from acute headache, one old that had a problem with the spinal cord was totally healed and able to stand straight, two ladies who had acute pains in the chest got delivered, Two young men recovered their sight, one young demon possessed man was delivered. One couple got received a word of prophesy that was an answer to their long time prayers. Glory back to GOD thanks for your support in prayer.

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