Happy Easter To You !

As soon as Jesus was crucified, the Pharisees and all those who opposed Jesus were delighted. They thought that they had won, and that there would be no more trouble from Jesus. They figured that Jesus's apostles will all go back to their own ways, and everything would return to normal.  They couldn't have been more wrong, and they definitely didn't see this coming. Jesus rose from the grave. His believers were strengthened. Worldly sorrow had no affect on them anymore. They weren't scared of death. They weren't ashamed of their gospel. Their tears didn't go unnoticed, their prayers were heard. They were no longer slaves to sin. They had been redeemed.  I am one of these believers. I stand as a witness to the fact that Jesus Christ isn't still in His grave. He is alive. I feel Him in my bones, because I was made in His image! I am going to Heaven because He defeated death itself.  Are you a believer too? If not? Ask God to reveal Himself to you. Trust me, …



Dear Ministry Partners and Friends, . We are loading our truck again and parking our bags Tanga Tazania for our next Gospel crusade!  In just a few weeks, I will be leaving the Uganda with our small team of 12 to the unreached region in Tanzania where we will conduct our next Gospel crusade.  Will you please pray for us and this crusade as we draw near?  . We will again be going to a much unreached village of just a few thousand people.  This village is extremely unreached, in fact the village only has one church (an Assembly of God Church) and they only have a few families who attend and are struggling to evangelize the region.  We’re working together with them to see this region shaken with the Gospel and for many to be saved, healed, delivered and discipled in Jesus name! . Would you please stand with us in prayer for the following? ·Pray for good weather and clear roads ·We are in need of a powerful public address system and believing God for provisio…

…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits” Daniel 11:32, KJV.

…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits” Daniel 11:32, KJV.

Great Activity

The enemy wouldn’t be fighting you so hard if you didn’t have something of great value inside of you. Even in this, know that it is not the activity of the enemy that indicates greatness, but the activity of God in your heart and life. Let Him continue His work in you.

Great Passion
When the fire within you is greater than the fire that surrounds you, you are headed towards great things for God’s glory.

Great Obedience

You are headed towards greatness when you can’t rest until you do what God is prompting you to do, even the smallest command. Know that there’s a special grace to do what He said, right at the moment when He said it.

Great Love

Your desire to please God must be greater than your desire to be hurt and angry.
Great Boldness
Even though you feel scared, choose to do it anyway–shaking and all. Don’t wait to feel brave. Obey God and bravery will come. You wil…

Glory back to God

Some times you fail to comprehend how the hand of God works and this humbles you more and more ! Seven years ago , God brought us to special Hill which we called Guma Na Yesu ( keep With Jesus) Today as i speak , when you look around and see what the Lord has done in this short time , you wonder at the Goodness of the Lord . He is worthy of our Praise !

God bless and be encouraged today

God has a plan and a purpose for your life. As well as He knows your hearts desires. Continue to seek Him, trust Him and stay committed to Him. For He will bless you above and beyond more, than you can ever imagine!!


BIBLE REFERENCES: Mark 4:40, Luke 8:25, Romans 4:20, Romans 8:28, Hebrews 11:6
GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE....What Ever You Might be Going Through Or Facing Right now, DON'T PANIC ...Many times when something Drastic and Unexpected Occurs we Shut Down And Panic ...Panic is the Sudden Sensation of Fear..That Sensation is So Strong that Your Logical Thinking and Reason Is Severely Handicapped This Usually Happens at A Persons BREAKING POINT....Things Seem Over-Bearing and You Do not Know What To Do Or Where To Go, Panic Sets In...But You Must NOT Panic...Keep A LEVEL Head And Have FAITH...Stand UP, Stand STILL, and KNOW That God Is GOD And That He is FAITHFUL.

I would like to share a simple testimony about what God did for us in this conference, It all started by faith, we believed God that people would come from allover the great lakes region and come to receive from God. Practically we did not have even food to feed these people , we did not have enough running costs , neither did we hav…

show me the way

Today, I yield to You Holy Spirit, show me the ways I should go. Help me in the areas I am weak, to trust You and lean onto You for strength. Give me peace this day, peace that surpasses all understandings. Help me to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to get angry. Help me to walk in peace and joy today. In Jesus mighty name, Amen!