Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter To You !

As soon as Jesus was crucified, the Pharisees and all those who opposed Jesus were delighted. They thought that they had won, and that there would be no more trouble from Jesus. They figured that Jesus's apostles will all go back to their own ways, and everything would return to normal. 
They couldn't have been more wrong, and they definitely didn't see this coming. Jesus rose from the grave. His believers were strengthened. Worldly sorrow had no affect on them anymore. They weren't scared of death. They weren't ashamed of their gospel. Their tears didn't go unnoticed, their prayers were heard. They were no longer slaves to sin. They had been redeemed. 
I am one of these believers. I stand as a witness to the fact that Jesus Christ isn't still in His grave. He is alive. I feel Him in my bones, because I was made in His image! I am going to Heaven because He defeated death itself. 
Are you a believer too? If not? Ask God to reveal Himself to you. Trust me, it works!

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