Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today's encouragement from Pastor Naboth

Today's encouragement from Pastor Naboth 

Faith is stronger than fear.As we go through trials and tribulations,just remember,faith can move mountains and prayer CAN work miracles!!!

Monday, 24 June 2013 12:35

Ebenezer Health Centre- Guma na Yesu

Written by  Joshua Tukesiga 
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Ebenezer Health Centre- Guma na Yesu
The rising tide of HIV/AIDS, which has continuously purged the economically active population in the country, has left behind a generation of parentless and helpless children and eroded the tradition of Orphan care being seen as a social obligation.  Orphans have outgrown the carrying capacity of the extended family and any interventions now require a community-based response.
In the South Western part of the country where subsistence agriculture is the main source of livelihood families have been devastated in terms of productive manpower. Areas neighboring countries in conflict displacement, encampment and redundancy has escalated the spread of HIV/AIDS and vulnerability while in other parts high population density unmatched by improved farming methods has resulted into food insecurity amongst the population.  Yet other areas are still remote in terms of accessing services related to HIV and other health problems and have few CBOs to give any support.
 In this application entitled “IMPROVING THE HEALH OF ORPHANS, THEIR FAMILIES AND THE COMMUNITY IN GENERAL IN KAKIIKA MBARARA DISTRICT”, Guma Na Yesu – Ministries is soliciting for funds (($37707.45$ (96154000/=) to establish a health centre that will be named, “EBENEEZER HEALTH CENTRE”that will be located in Makenke, Kakiika in Mbarara district to provide health services to over 1200 orphans and the surrounding communities.

Intervention efforts by government, if they are to have full impact need to be supplemented by other players to strengthen and extend the outreach programs for a conducive environment for the survival and optimum growth of the Orphaned Vulnerable Children (OVC) hence the involvement of Guma Na Yesu Children’s centre in improving the livelihoods of the OVC.
I have hope that with the new Health Centre(EBENEEZER HEALTH CENTRE), vulnerable the orphans and communities will be reached with a minimum health and socio-economic package for sustainable development; and I call upon you to support Guma Na Yesu Children’s centre in the struggle and back the efforts of other development partners for the same cause. Thank you

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